Mindful Connections™

for Supporting Families

Mindful Connections™ for Supporting Families

This evidence-based program is designed to prepare professionals who work with families—particularly those with young children—to teach mindfulness techniques that support emotional recognition, healthier family communication, and stress reduction among both caregivers and their children.

Basic Info

Format: Online or In-Person

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

When & Where

Online via Zoom or In-Person
8 sessions, designed to fit your workplace scheduling needs

Designed For  

Professionals working with families with young children


We know from research on human development that social-emotional wellness is built through positive relationships with important people in our lives. When parents and caregivers learn and practice mindfulness, those positive benefits also extend to support the wellbeing of their young children. 

This evidence-based course prepares those who help families teach caregivers and their children mindfulness skills that support improved emotional regulation, stress reduction, and positive communication among all members of the family. 

In Mindful Connections™ for Supporting Families, we teach you to:

  • Lead age-appropriate mindfulness practices with families
  • Help caregivers and children understand and identify their stress responses
  • Nurture positive self-talk and self-compassion
  • Facilitate children’s natural capacity to give and receive love, empathy, and compassion
  • Integrate a trauma-informed approach to delivering mindfulness to adults and children
  • Embody and model mindfulness

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