Mindful Connections™

for Trauma Sensitive Practices

Mindful Connections™ for Trauma Sensitive Practices

This course trains professionals, and those engaged in deep practice, how to bring mindfulness and meditation to others in a safe, thoughtful, and harm-preventative way.

Basic Info

Format: Online or In-Person

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

When & Where

Online via Zoom or In-Person

9 sessions, designed to fit your workplace scheduling needs

Designed For  
  • Professionals and practitioners who want to share mindfulness and meditation with individuals or groups in a trauma sensitive way
  • Practitioners and groups who have completed at least one of the following introductory courses: Mindful Connections™ for Educators and Classrooms, Mindful Connections™ for Helping Professionals, Mindful Connections™ for Public Safety, Mindful Connections™ for Personal Wellness


While mindfulness meditation helps promote healing and supports personal recovery, the practice of being still and noticing our thoughts, physical sensations, and emotions may give rise to memories of traumatic events. Because our brain responds to traumatic events by storing them incorrectly, and often without a “time and place stamp,” recalling the event can feel as if it’s happening all over again in real time. This can be re-traumatizing.

For that reason, it’s extremely important that we pay close attention when a mindfulness practice prompts intrusive thoughts or traumatic memories—and guide practice in ways that do not cause emotional or physical dysregulation or harm.

Designed specially for those who teach mindfulness practices, this course will teach you the mechanisms of trauma and ways to hold space, provide support, and give meditation instructions in a way that considers the reality of trauma in our communities and helps reduce potential harm.*

In Mindful Connections™ for Trauma Sensitive Practices, we explore:

  • What is trauma? How prevalent is it, really?
  • How does trauma intersect with marginalized identities?
  • Meditation and trauma: Healing or harming?
  • How to provide meditation instruction in a trauma-sensitive way
  • What is a trauma response (body and brain)?
  • What techniques engage the parasympathetic nervous system?
  • How to nourish safer spaces?
  • How to notice if someone is dysregulated during meditation, and what to do?
  • What are the relationships between social oppression, social contexts, and trauma?
  • How can you set our own good, healthy physical and emotional boundaries?

Meet Your instructor

Clients We Serve...


“The course covered a lot of material and having been my first experience with this practice, I feel it was very comprehensive and complete.”


Mindful Connections for Wellness, Online

“The instructor was great, the dialogue between class members was enlightening, and practicing together was fantastic.


Mindful Connections for Wellness, Online

“I think this can help overall with the way I interact with everyone in my life. It has definitely helped me with my own responses to other people and reflecting on my feelings and being more forgiving of myself.” 


Mindful Connections for Wellness, Online

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