Mindful Connections™

for Bias Awareness

Mindful Connections™ for Bias Awareness

In this course, we provide a space for experienced practitioners to uncover and explore their unconscious biases, learn why and how bias lives in each of us, and develop skills to help reduce the harm bias can cause.

Basic Info

Format: Online or In-Person

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

When & Where

Online via Zoom or In-Person

11 sessions, designed to fit your workplace scheduling needs

Designed For  
  • Practitioners and groups who have completed our introductory [1] Mindful Connections™ course
  • Anyone with an established mindfulness practice


Whether conscious or unconscious, the way we perceive others can create unintentional consequences for us and those around us. Mindful Connections™ for Bias Awareness is an evidence-based curriculum that helps reveal why and how bias lives in each of us, and how we can use mindful-awareness practices to help reduce the harm it causes.*


This course provides a space to uncover and explore your biases, understand them, and head off harmful reactions or behaviors. You’ll learn tools that can be integrated into a life-long practice of working with your mind and heart to help dismantle the negative biases so prevalent in our culture.

In Mindful Connections™ for Bias Awareness, we uncover:

  • What is bias? What can we be biased about?
  • Why would I want to work on my biases?
  • How do biases harm others, and how can we support people who have suffered bias and/or discrimination?
  • How are life outcomes different for victims of bias?
  • How do meditation and mindfulness help us work on our biases?
  • What are the structural and historical factors which lead to our socialization and creation of our biases?

We use four areas of bias as our learning springboard:

  • Bias toward people with disability
  • Bias toward people whose sexual orientation or gender identity is LGBTQ+
  • Bias toward people who are of a different race
  • Bias toward people who are a different ethnicity or speak a different language

*To learn more about our evidence based mindfulness meditation and bias practices, visit our Research[1]  page.

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