Mindful Connections™

for Healing & Justice

Mindful Connections™

for Healing & Justice

We understand that activism can be mentally and emotionally challenging, and our program aims to provide you with tools and techniques to support your well-being and prevent burnout and compassion fatigue so you can

continue on your journey towards positive change.

This series is designed specifically for social and environmental activists and consists of various mindfulness offerings, workshops, and retreats tailored to the unique needs of activists.


Are you looking for a way to cultivate a sense of inner

calm, resilience, and clarity in the face of adversity?  Through guided meditations, mindful movement, group discussions, and education you will learn how to sustain yourself so that you don’t burn out and channel your anger at injustice to turn it into positive action instead of allowing it to fester and make you ineffective.

Mindful Connections for Healing & Justice course topics include:

  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Emotional regulation and self-care
  • Compassion and empathy building – even towards
  • those we often view as “the problem”        
  • Improving mental clarity and decision-making        
  • Effective communication skills        
  • Trauma-informed healing to support resilience

Awaken Pittsburgh is happy to be in this work alongside Dr. Adam Lobel.

“Burnout is the act of involuntarily leaving activism, or reducing one’s

level of activism… When an activist burns out, she typically derails her career and damages her self-esteem and relationships. She also deprives her organization and movement of her valuable experience and wisdom. The worst problem, however, may be that when an activist burns out she deprives younger activists of a mentor, thus making them more likely to burn out…”  (Rettig, 2006).