Mindful Connections™

for Teams & Organizations

Gift your people skills that last a lifetime.

We equip workers who face complex problems, secondary trauma, and acute stress on a daily or even hourly basis with life-changing mindfulness techniques. Programming is available for teams, as well as for individual organizational leaders preparing to teach mindfulness to their teams.

We have designed personalized programs for educators, classrooms, early childhood centers, public safety and helping professionals, workplace wellness, and anyone who experiences stress or burnout.

Led by experts in their fields and grounded in the latest findings in neuroscience and dialectical behavioral therapy, Mindful Connections™ programs are a proven path to powerful and lasting transformation.

Modules for Teams & Organizations

Mindful Connections for Workplace Wellness
Mindful Connections for Early Childhood Professionals
Mindful Connections for Helping Professionals
Mindful Connections for Public Safety
Mindful Connections for Trauma Sensitive Practices
Mindful Connections for Bias Awareness
Open Meditation
Mindful Connections in Community

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