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How to Transition to Fall with a Mindful Mindset

Featured image Woman who made the transition to fall with a mindful mindset.

Seasons change, and with them, so do we. As the vibrant energy of summer slowly winds down, giving way to the serene embrace of fall, many of us find ourselves navigating a myriad of emotions. From the simple nostalgia brought…

Using Mindfulness to Deal with Difficult Emotions

Awaken Pittsburgh Using Mindfulness to Deal with Difficult Emotions, Stress

There are no “good” or “bad emotions.” However, reactions to those emotions can keep us from growing and developing psychologically. These reactions, including avoiding or suppressing our emotions, can also lead to long-term negative health impacts. Socially, we are taught…

Awaken Pittsburgh in the News: Coping with Election Day Stress

Awaken Pittsburgh mindfulness meditation training programs for stress reduction

Channel 11 Pittsburgh spoke to Stephanie Romero, executive director of Awaken Pittsburgh, about dealing with everyday stress — especially the kind brought on by recent elections. According to a recent survey commissioned by the American Psychological Association, 76% of Americans…